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We are JDL Equity Partners, a trusted turnkey real estate company providing you with a complete host of services that is tailored for your investment benefits. We specialize in helping high net worth individuals capitalize on their funds, while protecting their capital gains by investing in real estate, buying and selling homes and property development.


We are an experienced investment equity firm comprised of a dynamic team of qualified individuals who all shares the same goals of making your money work for you. We are based in Houston Tx, a growing location for developmental real estate.

With over 70 years of combine experience, we make it our mission to ensure every penny brings back a return. Our creative strategies, unparalleled research and  tested constructs are design to make you succeed at any level of investment you choose.

We pride ourselves on gaining your trust, presenting tangible results that preserves your investment. With JDL Equity Partners you’ll be assisted every step of the way with our analysts and director who are well groomed to deliver you prompt and efficient information to ensure you made the right decision.


Anytime you sell an asset, it generates a Capital Gains tax. The federal government has passed a plan through the Opportunity zones investment fund wherein you can save up to 30% off capital gains taxes by investing in real estate and businesses within lower income communities.

Often times high net worth professionals like doctors, lawyers or business owners, does not have the time or in some cases the knowledge on how to strategically invest their money in real estate. They all would love to receive a return on their investment, and this is where we come in.

JDL Equity Partners connects you with the right individual who is trust worthy and experienced to assist you capitalize on your future and managing your assets. We specialize in real estate within lower income communities by building, rehabbing and managing homes.



JDL Equity Partners offer real estate investment consultation by professionals who provides expert advice in security, management and education.


We go above and beyond in helping our clients to find the right real estate investments to maximize their return.


We assist in managing rental properties and we offer construction management by providing general contracting.

  • Large Scale Remodels
  • Custom Homes
  • Roofing & Electrical

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